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Do You Struggle With Kids & Technology?

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I'm Chelsea Brown.

I'm a security enthusiast, aspiring parent educator, and obsessed with helping families use technology for good in their lives.

A Certified Information Security Consultant, Certified Life and Parent Coach, Blogger, Tech Nerd, wife and digital mother, whose most exciting days are spent helping families create the safe playground to raise their kids in.

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I Make Tech & Kids Simple.

Preparing For Technology

No matter what your experience is with technology, I know that parents never feel prepared with everything their kids can do. I teach you what challenges your kids are facing and how you can prepare for it. You and I create a Tech Plan on how you want technology to affect your home-life for the better.

Win The Tech Battle

We give our kids a device; they misbehave. We take it away; they do better. Then the cycle repeats. This is the Tech Battle. I show you how to break this cycle without playing the game, giving up your parental influence, or burning the bridge of trust. You'll be able to monitor how your kids online and build relationships based on trust and understanding.

Bridging The Gap

Our deepest and hardest battles we faced in our teenage years have taken on a whole new digital world for our kids. Sometimes we don't have the answers to help them. I will give you proven digital parenting tools to help you build a bridge over this technology gap so when your kids come to you for help they find it. 

Creating A Safe Home

Our homes can be scary place if our children don't feel welcome, safe and invited to live there. I give you digital parenting tools you want to create healthy relationships with your children while guiding their technology use. Together, you and I create the safe home your kids long for and need.

How Can I Keep Up With It All?!

The online digital world is always changing for parents. Keeping up with it doesn't have to be hard anymore. I've put everything you need in one place, always up to date.


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